I’m currently learning the AutoHotkey programming language by creating my own app called ‘’.

It's a little dashboard menu of tools (see below) I use when translating, grouped into categories such as AI, Text actions, Bookmarks, Web searches, etc. is designed to provide a centralised, visual place for me to access all my tools. The various items can be accessed by (1) clicking on menu items, (2) keyboard shortcuts and (3) voice commands (powered by Talon Voice, a Dragon alternative).

I've made a quick video showing’s functionality and underlying system which can be accessed here

screenshot of

(Full sized image here!)

Underlying design principles

My questions on the AHK forum 

  1. Need some help with multi-level submenus (for AHK v2) 
  2. Need functions to convert selected text to lowercase and uppercase
  3. Google search with query in (straight, double) quotes?
  4. Create tooltips for menu items (in AHK v2)?
  5. How to integrate a SendInput string into Menu code item?
  6. Create new empty.docx (or copy empty.docx saved somewhere on my computer) in(to) current folder with shortcut?
  7. Help with function to strip ‘soft hyphens’ (unicode character U+00AD) from selection
  8. How to always open a menu in the centre of my (main) screen?
  9. How to open specific file with specific app, using Run command?

Peek into the code

Created by Michael Beijer (